ManorCairn Ltd Summary:

ManorCairn Ltd. has extensive hands-on experience working with early-stage companies, defining, refining and implementing new hi-tech concepts and growing new business opportunities. We specialize in seed, start-up and restart companies, offering business AND technical assistance to transition a company from concept through development phase, market entry and beyond.

We support small, growing companies by providing extensive management, technical and financial expertise on an ongoing, as needed basis. Our goal is to form long-term relationships with our clients, and to tailor our active participation as the product, company, market, and challenges evolve.

Our approach is to complement the capabilities of our client companies, helping them take advantage of their existing assets and continue their growth and profitability in an environment of limited but strongly aggressive competition.

ManorCairn Ltd. helps you assemble the necessary organizational tools and business, technical, and financial resources to succeed in today’s marketplace. We help develop your organization’s inherent skills, professionalism, and efficiency to exceed your market goals while meeting short- and long-term profitability objectives.

ManorCairn Ltd. provides the unbiased perspective, industrial experience, business expertise, and technical know-how, insight, initiative and creativity to:

 · Assess your company’s business and technical strengths and weaknesses.

 · Critically review, analyze and improve your product concept and designs.

 · Refine technical, organizational and business development strategies.

 · Work with you to create focused and executable business and development plans and pinpoint critical areas requiring additional effort.

 · Lead and advise your company through the financing process and through potential mergers and/or the sale of assets.

ManorCairn Ltd. has comprehensive, first-hand (“in-the-trenches”) experience with entrepreneurial, hi-tech companies, with hands-on expertise in a broad range of technologies, including: New energy sources, optics, electro-optics, lasers, semiconductors, luminescent materials, infrared and wireless technologies, sensors, photonics, computer hardware, software, internet, network and communications technologies and applications.

We provide you with an up-to-date window on these technologies and their applicability to reducing the cost and/or time to conceive, develop and produce a custom product tailored to your specific applications. We also assist you in assessing the marketability and technological viability of your application while streamlining development and enhancing strategies for rapid market introduction, continued growth and/or successful exit opportunities.

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Alan G. Smith
Managing Director

4430 Haggart Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
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